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Why do I need to sign a contract?


A contract clearly communicates what to expect from the commission and gives you a list of deliverables. It is also used to protect artists. 


I changed my mind on what I wanted for my painting, but I am already at phase 3 of the commission process. Will you change it or give me a refund?


If it is a small revision I can absolutely make the alteration, as long as the change is under 1 hour. That is ok. However, if you want a completely different painting, I cannot. A service is charged based on the amount of time given to a project, so a new contract will need to be created for the new project. I will only charge the amount of time that was spent so far on the project, and can start you a new one.

Do you do artwork for tattoos?


I am no longer drawing artwork for tattoos. Find a tattoo artist with the exact type of art you're looking for! It's totally worth it, it's going to be on your body forever.



What mediums do you use?


I love using a mixture of gouache, watercolor pencils and a little bit of white gel pen. I use M. Graham gouache.



Will you draw me?


Sure! Please refer to the "Services" page, contact me @



Do you sell your work framed?


I sell my own original paintings framed, yes. Original artwork is sold via e-mail, and my prints are sold through my online store. I frame the pieces myself and often paint the frames black. For paintings made per commission, framing is not included in the price, but could definitely be added.



What is the commission process like?


I typically like to begin with some sketches to communicate with the client and figure out what they wish to see from the end result. After we come to an agreement, I like to create a more refined version of the sketch to confirm with the client that they are happy with the direction the piece is going. I then move onto the finished piece.



How long have you been drawing and painting?


I have been drawing for the majority of my life. My skillset definitely got better once I attended NCAD (Northwest College of Art & Design). I actually wasn’t introduced to gouache until I went there.



Do you do commissions that require painting or drawing on objects? For instance, furniture, instruments, etc.


I definitely am not opposed to it. I have done projects before that were painted on bones. These are services that would need different materials than what I normally use and the budget may reflect that, but I am open to discussing further about projects of this nature.

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