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• Scroll to bottom for step-by-step guide on the commission process •

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Paintings created in Adobe Photoshop. You will receive a JPG file of your desired illustration. Color settings will differ for work meant for print or digital. If you'd also like to get a high quality print of your painting, I will do so for an additional $30.


$50/hr OR $200-$600 Range Per Project*


*Amount of subject matter and complexity of painting will vary the estimated price.



My traditional paintings are created with light fast, high quality gouache pigments and Pan Pastels on illustration board. If you would like your painting framed, let me know and I can get custom pricing for you based on what you are looking for.



5x7" – $100

8x10" – $300

11x14" – $500

16x20" – $700 



Commissions are mainly focused on the 4-step process listed below. I do require a contract to start the illustration, which will also give you a list of the deliverables. If you have any questions about my contract, please check the "FAQ" section of this site for more information, or send me a message.

1. Contact

Tell me what you are looking for and I can give you a price estimate and a contract.

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2. Sketch Phase

After price is confirmed and contract is signed, I will send you 3 sketch ideas you will choose from.

3. Painting Starts

I will show you a color sketch to confirm the painting is going in the correct direction.

4. Final Painting

Your painting will be completed. Delivery options differ depending on the nature of the commission.

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