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My artistic endeavor leads me to creating illustrations that depict humans through our vulnerability and intuition. I believe that art is a powerful form of communication, because it describes a specific feeling, while inviting viewers to delve into a full blown, intense experience. Art forces us to enhance our perspective, something that is needed in society today.

My mission is to shed light on the dark by accessing the world of art to expand our understanding of humanity.





My illustrations can be dark, surreal, and sometimes filled with fantasy.

I enjoy playing with key details that can be concealed to surprise viewers, transforming their experience into a journey through a dream-like realm.

The images often tell tales of strong concepts, such as: loss, power, and change. If you’re looking for something that will open your mind and reconnect you with your subconscious, you will be liberated and empowered by my artwork and services.





Fluevog Shoe Finalist – Fluevog Shoe Illustration Contest 




H20 Art Exhibit – Artists’ Edge, Poulsbo WA

Carli Christina Art – The Tacoma F.A.M. Experience – Tacoma WA

Trap x Art – Seattle WA

Glow – Tacoma WA


"Carli Christina Puts a Spin on Her Art That's a Breath of Fresh Air..."

Respect my Region, written by Kade Maijala





I currently live in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. I grew up in Sonoma County in Northern California, and swore I’d never leave. Growing up involved moving back and forth frequently due to some of life’s challenges.

As I’ve grown, Washington’s seasons and rainy weather grew on me. It feels like home.


Coming from a background that did not focus on continuing education, I never dreamed of attending, let alone graduating, from college. I am grateful for pursuing and studying art at Northwest College of Art and Design, finishing with a BFA degree in Illustration as well as Entertainment Art. I am so thankful for refining my art, for what I have learned, and for the opportunity to do what I love.

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